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Extra Heavy Duty (Rotator)

Ideal for extra heavy duty jobs that require storage, power, lift and reach. Provides a combination of heavy-duty capabilities, stabilizing technology, commanding rotation and superior pulling capability. 


Heavy Duty

With unsurpassed performance, power and durability, these tow vehicles handle the most demanding requirements including moving massive equipment or handling an overturned tractor trailer.  

Flatbed/Light Duty

Our flatbed and light-duty equipment is ideal for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trailors with flat or ruptured tires. They also can handle engine stalls, battery replacement and other small jobs. 

Specialized Recovery

Schaffer’s Towing and Recovery specializes in unique vehicle towing. We work with local law enforcement agencies to provide accident towing and practice quick clearance, incident management to save lives.


Airbag recovery

We specialize in expertly correcting overturned tractor trailers while minimizing secondary damage. From slope topped, flat topped, smooth, rough, big or small, we are ready to tackle all your recovery needs. 

Load shift and transfers

Our team of experts are trained and ready to handle any heavy duty cargo handling to include, recovery in any open trailor or box. We provide load shifts and transfers, swaps, load completion, cargo off-loading and cargo hauling. 


With professional lockout and jumpstart services, we will have you back on the road before you know it. Our team of professionals are dispatched using GPS which means shorter wait times for our customers. 

Our services

We Are Full Service Towing & Recovery

When you have a broken down vehicle, been involved in an accident or having vehicle issues, Schaffer’s Towing & Recovery team of experts are dispatched using GPS, minimizing your wait time. We have been providing the Tri-State area since 1936 affordable, quick and professional road-side assistance. Whether the need is heavy duty, light duty, an emergency or jump start, thousands have come to rely on us. Short tow, long-haul, it doesn’t matter, we are available 24/7, prepared to handle any towing or recovery situation you may require.

Available 24/7

Our professional, certified drivers are available day and night to provide quick service in order to get you back on the road.

GPS Dispatch

By utilizing a GPS dispatch, this ensures the closest driver available to service you, minimizing your wait time. Our customers rave over our rapid response. 

Price Competitive

There are numerous factors involved in pricing. We go through a series of questions to determine an exact price to avoid surprises later. 

Large Truck, Load Transfer, Auto, You Name It, We’ll Be there.

Serving Your Local Tri-State Area



4270 Harrison  Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211

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